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Posted on: December 29, 2017

Reduce the Risk of Frozen Pipes

Pipes and water mains can freeze and break in cold weather. The risk increases during long stretches of extremely cold weather. Residents are encouraged to consider the following tips to help avoid frozen pipes:

Normal Winter Conditions

             Ensure the furnace’s cold air return is pointed away from the water service, which enters most homes in the basement through the floor

             Leave kitchen and bathroom cupboard doors open to allow heat in

             Keep the furnace above 55 degrees F

             Shut off and drain pipes leading to outside faucets

             Wrap foam insulation around pipes most susceptible to freezing

             Seal air leaks in the home and garage

             Have someone check on the house while away

Extreme Cold Conditions (in addition to the normal winter tips)

             Purchase a thermometer to monitor water temperature. If the water drops below 38 degrees F, leave a cold water tap running at a steady stream of about a quarter-inch in diameter, or approximately the diameter of a No. 2 pencil.

Water Main Breaks

When the ground begins to freeze, water mains are prone to breaking from ground movement. Water main breaks are identified by water running out of the ground, through cracks in the pavement or from behind curbing. If you see any of these signs, call Arden Hills City Hall at 651-792-7800. After hours, call 651-767-0640.


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