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Sign Permits

Except for those signs listed in the City Code as exempt, no sign shall be erected, altered, reconstructed, moved, or enlarged without a sign permit.  The City Planner reviews and approves sign permits in the City.  Permits are usually reviewed within 5 business days.   

Sign Permit Process

For signs that require a permit, a sign permit must include the following:
  • Drawing or photograph of the sign
  • Site plan showing where the sign will be located
  • The message that will be on the sign
  • Written permission from the property owner
  • A City Contractors License for commercial sign intallations

Exempt Signs

The following signs do not require a sign permit:

  • Campaign signs in an election year
  • Certain residential signs
  • Up to two portable business signs that do not exceed 6 square feet in size, are not illuminated, and are placed within 15 feet of the entrance
  • Incidental signs that are not visible from the public right-of-way or adjacent properties, and are not illuminated
  • Interior window signs that do not exceed 35% of the window area and 5% of a building facade