Spring 2023 Pothole Patching Project

The Spring Pothole Patching Project began on March 21st, focusing on the most-traveled problematic areas of city roads first. Overall, the spring project prioritizes the abatement of some potholes and not necessarily that of larger potholes or delamination (shallow fractures in the surface of the road). Delamination, larger potholes, cracks, and other street deformities may be addressed later in the summer as part of the City’s 2023 Public Works Paving Plan and 2023 JPA Street Maintenance Plan.

The Pothole Patching Project Map (PDF) is divided into seven zones. Exact dates are subject to weather and staffing changes.

To report a pothole or other road quality concerns, please submit a request using the City's RequestTracker. Contact Jeff Frid at 651-792-7852 for more information.