Mobile Food Unit (Food Truck) Vendor Licensing

Pursuant to Chapter 3, Section 395 of the Arden Hills City Code, mobile food unit vendors (food trucks) are required to be licensed by the City.

A mobile food unit license can be applied for on a temporary basis (up to 7 days total during a calendar year) or annually (8 days or more during a calendar year). Licenses must be renewed each year.

In order to be licensed by the City of Arden Hills, a Mobile Food Unit License Application must be completed and submitted with a certificate of insurance, a copy of the Minnesota Department of Health (or Ramsey County issued license), written consent from the private property owner (whether commercial or residential), and payment of the fee.  Upon City approval of the license, the vendor is also subjected to an inspection by the Fire Marshall. Food trucks cannot park in the street or right-of-way and must be parked on private property.

*Upon license issuance, vendors must provide written permission from each property owner for all events subsequent to the event for which the license was initially issued.

Below are the City's vendor application, Lake Johanna Fire informational sheet, food truck fact sheet, and a list of vendors currently licensed in the city. Licenses expire on December 31 each year.  For further questions, please contact the City Clerk at 651-792-7811.

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Food Truck Permit for Residents Hosting a Food Truck/Mobile Food Unit

As of July 1, 2022, residents are required to obtain a permit to host a food truck event/party.  There is no fee for this permit and residents are limited to 2 events per calendar year (an event can be no more than 3 days in duration). Visit Miscellaneous, Garage Sales/Boutiques and Resident Food Truck Permits for more information about the required resident permit.