A large tree with many branchesProtecting Our Tree Population

The Public Works Department handles all forestry within the city. The purpose and emphasis of the forestry staff is to maintain an attractive and safe urban forest. The city has certified tree inspectors on staff whose focus is to help control and prevent tree diseases and insect pests such as: Oak Wilt Disease, Dutch Elm Disease, Anthracnose (commonly known as shade tree disease), and the Emerald Ash Borer. In addition, the city tree inspectors will identify hazardous trees.

  • Learn about invasive species that are harming the local ecology, including buckthorn and emerald ash borers. 
  • It is the responsibility of the adjacent home owner to maintain the right of way. View more details on right of way (ROW) maintenance (PDF), as they relate to tree pruning and removal.
  • Plant a tree in your yard or donate one to a park. Visit Friends of the Parks and Trails for more information.


The city inspectors are not certified arborists, and forestry questions beyond the above emphasis should be directed to a company or entity with arborist services.