Building & Permits

City Building & Permits

Information for Residents

Property owners doing work on their own property are allowed to apply for building permits without the need for a contractor's license.

Property owners will be required to complete an Acknowledgement of Property Owner Form (PDF).

Do I need a Permit?

Most home building and remodeling projects require a permit through the city before starting construction; however some are exempt. Review Which Homebuilding and Remodeling Projects Require a Permit? (PDF)

Permit Application Process

To obtain a permit, you must submit a permit application. Please include the required fee and all necessary materials and information.

  • A ten-business days turnaround period applies if city plan review is needed
  • Upon approval of the permit, construction must be underway within 180 days or a new permit will be required
  • Upon finishing work, please make sure to contact the city so an inspection may be conducted
  • A minimum notice of 24 hours is required for all inspections