Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Need to Get Rid of Household Chemicals?

Many household products you use to clean your kitchen and bathroom, maintain your car and home, and control animals and insects contain hazardous materials. If a container has the words caution, warning, danger or poison on the label and still has product inside, it is considered hazardous and does not belong in the trash. Bring these items to Ramsey County's free household hazardous waste collection sites for safe disposal. 

Visit the Ramsey County Household Hazardous Waste website for more information on hours of operation and directions. Or call Ramsey County at 651.633.EASY (3279) answered 24/7.

Items Accepted Include:

  • Home Improvement (paint, thinners, solvents, adhesives)
  • Automotive (oil & filters, brake fluid, gasoline, antifreeze, etc. keep all automotive fluids separate)
  • Items with Mercury (thermometers, fluorescent lights, switches) – exchange your mercury fever thermometer for a digital thermometer!
  • Cleaning (drain opener, oven cleaner, acids)
  • Lawn/Garden (weed killer, insecticides, pesticides)
  • Recreational (rechargeable batteries, propane tanks)