Animal & Pet Rules

Domesticated Animals

The City Code outlines the rules about keeping domesticated animals. Dogs and cats kept in the City are required to be licensed

Domesticated Animal Complaints

The city contracts with Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department to handle all domestic animal complaints. Residents who are concerned about an issue related to domesticated animals should call the sheriff’s non-emergency number of 651-767-0640. The Sheriff’s Department will dispatch someone for the situation if it involves domesticated animals (dogs & cats) only.

Keeping of Animals 

The keeping of animals is regulated in Section 1325.07, Subd. 6. This City Code section regulates the number of domestic animals that may be kept. Up to four (4) domestic animals, excluding birds and fish, are permitted in any dwelling unit, but without a residential dog kennel license not more than two (2) may be dogs. Up to three (3) dogs are allowed with a residential dog kennel license.

Farm Animals
In addition, The code section states that the location for buildings housing farm animals (chickens) must be located a distance of 200 feet from any lot line. Any open structure in which farm animals are kept is required to be a minimum of 400 feet from any lot line.

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