Living with Wildlife

Wildlife & Nuisance Animals

Arden Hills is home to many wild animals, including foxes, coyotes, turkey, deer and more. Many animals like squirrels, raccoons and deer thrive on the habitat created by suburban sprawl and the fragmentation of woods and forests. Unfortunately, wildlife can cause damage to vegetation, leave behind waste, damage property and, in rare situations, become aggressive.

Even those who cherish wildlife will recognize the enormous amount of damage and frustration animals can cause. To protect pets and wildlife, owners should monitor and leash pets in areas where they may encounter wildlife. Many wild animals - including wolves - are protected and can't be killed to defend a pet. In Arden Hills, you are restricted to trapping animals only. Do not take live animals to another area to release as this may spread disease.

Animal control services are focused on domestic animal issues. Animal Control does not remove wild animals, including bats, simply because they are on your property. Most cities in Ramsey County recommend the use of licensed professional pest control companies for removal of problem wildlife. Deputies and police officers do respond to public safety incidents involving injured or dangerous wildlife. If you see road kill, like deer carcasses, call the road authority that has immediate responsibility. For interstates, U.S. and state highways, contact the Minnesota Department of Transportation. For county roads, contact Ramsey County Public Works. For city roads and streets, contact Arden Hills Public Works.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources provides information on living with wildlife: