GreenStep Cities

About the GreenStep Cities Program

Arden Hills is a member of the GreenStep Cities program, a voluntary, challenge-based program meant to help cities achieve sustainability and quality-of-life goals. Participation in the program will assist the city in accomplishing a number of the policies included in the Environmental Conservation and Sustainability chapter of the city's Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

GreenStep Cities is run by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The program is based on 29 best practices in the categories of buildings and lighting, land use, transportation, environmental management and economic and community development. Cities are able to advance from Step 1 to 5 based on the number of best practices implemented and by demonstrating improvement in city performance metrics. There are currently 122 cities in the state that participate in the program.

 Arden Hills recognized for completing next step in GreenStep Cities program

The city joined the GreenStep Cities program in 2016. In June 2018, the city was recognized at the annual League of Minnesota Cities conference for its advancement to Step 2 in program. Arden Hills joins 94 other communities that have reached Step 2 or higher. There are currently only 12 communities that have reached Step 5.

Arden Hills successfully completed actions in the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency of public buildings and flashing street signs
  • Resilient city growth
  • Efficient design for highways and automobiles
  • Design for natural resource conservation
  • Increasing mobility options
  • Investing in parks and trails
  • Solid waste prevention and reduction
  • Protecting tree canopy & surface waters

To view actions the city took relating to these areas and to learn more about the program, visit green step.