What types of business are NOT eligible to participate in the program?

Ineligible businesses include:

  • Businesses
    that do not have a physical address within the City.
  • Businesses
    that derive income from passive investments without operational ties to
    operating businesses within the City; real estate transactions; property
    rentals or property management. 
  • Businesses
    that primarily focus in on speculative activities based on fluctuations in
    price rather than the normal course of trade.
  • Businesses
    that primarily generate income from gambling activities.
  • Businesses
    that engage in activities prohibited by law.
  • Businesses
    that have no current or historical financial statements.
  • Businesses
    that earn revenue from pyramid schemes, lending services and/or day
    trading/short term investments.
  • Businesses
    that previously received emergency funds from the city during the current round
    of funding.

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