Stay Connected

Use these six strategies to stay connected to City News:

  1. Sign up to receive City Notifications by email or text about important news and updates
  2. The city's official newsletter, Arden Hills Notes, is published 10 times per year and mailed to all residents. To receive a City Newsletter PDF file by email, sign up through Notify Me, the city's alert system. 
  3. View the City Calendar to find information about public meetings, events, and recreation.
  4. Public notices are published in the St. Paul Pioneer Pressthe city's official newspaper for publication of Arden Hills' notices and public hearings.
  5. Follow the City of Arden Hills on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  6. Watch City Council and Planning Commission meetings online or on Cable Channel 16.

If you need further assistance, please contact Grace Arel, the City's Communications Coordinator, at