Peddlers & Solicitors Licenses

Peddlers/Solicitors/Transient Merchant Licenses should be applied for in conjunction with a Business License application form. Applicants must also complete the additional application materials contained within the license packet. For questions, please contact the City Clerk at 651-792-7811.

Applicants for this type of application must also fill out one of the following application forms:

You can also review Chapter 3, Section 340 of City Code which discusses requirements and regulations for peddlers and solicitors.

For Residents:

The photo below provides an example of the permit that licensed peddlers and solicitors in Arden Hills will be issued. The permit will be signed and have the City seal applied.  If a solicitor or peddler cannot produce a the permit upon request, call the City Clerk during business hours or 911 after hours to report them. 

Solicitor Permit Example