Temporary Structures

Temporary Structure Permits

Zoning Permit (PDF) is required for all temporary structures in commercial and industrial Zoning Districts. Temporary structures may be in place for a period of up to six months. Along with the Zoning Permit application, a site plan must be provided that indicates the lot dimensions and setbacks to property lines. The following requirements will be verified as part of the Zoning Permit review process:

  • The location of a temporary structure on a property must comply with the setback regulations of the underlying Zoning District
  • Temporary structures may not exceed the height of the principal structure on the property.

The State Fire Code requires additional information and documentation for Zoning Permits for temporary tents, canopies, and other membrane structures. The following requirements for these types of structures are verified as part of the review process completed by the Fire Marshall:

  • A detailed site plan and floor plan is required for tents, canopies, or membrane structures with an occupant load of 50 or more. The floor plan must indicate the means of egress, seating capacity, arrangement of seating, and the location and type of heating and electrical equipment.
  • Structures may not be located within twenty (20) feet of lot lines, buildings, other tents, canopies or membrane structures, parked vehicles, or internal combustion engines. For the purpose of determining required distances, support ropes and guy wires are considered as part of the structure.
  • An unobstructed fire break passageway or fire road of not less than twelve (12) feet wide shall be maintained on all side of the tent, canopy, or membrane structure.
  • Structures shall be adequately roped, braced, and anchored to withstand the element of weather and prevent against collapsing.
  • Means of egress must be in accordance with Section 2403.12.1 through 2403.12.8 of the State Fire Code.
  • Exit signs must be installed at required exit doorways and where otherwise necessary to indicate clearly the direction of egress when the exit serves an occupant load of 50 or more.
  • Portable fire extinguishers must be provided as required by Section 906 of the State Fire Code.

Temporary structures are allowed in all Zoning Districts for up to two (2) days in a given thirty (30) day period without a permit provided that the temporary structure is not attached to other permanent structures, is used for non-commercial purposes, and is not permanently attached to the ground.