Egress Windows

Egress Window Requirements

When installing or replacing a window a building permit (PDF) is required.

In order to apply for a building permit to build an accessory structure, you will need to be either a licensed state residential contractor or the property owner (PDF) with intent to occupy the home.

When installing a new window in a sleeping room it will need to meet egress window requirements (PDF)

If replacing a window in a sleeping room it does not need to meet egress requirements if the new replacement window meets the following:

  1. The replacement window is the manufacturer's largest standard size window that will fit within the existing frame or existing rough opening. The replacement window shall be permitted to be of the same operating style as the existing window or a style that provides for a greater window opening area than the existing window;
  2. The rooms or areas are not used for any Minnesota state licensed purpose requiring an egress window; and
  3. The window is not required to be replaced pursuant to a locally adopted rental housing or rental licensing code.

When installing an egress window a ladder is required in the window well if it is more than 44" below grade. The ladder needs to have a minimum width of 12", project a minimum of 3" but no more than 6" into the window well area. Bars, grilles, covers, screens or similar devices are permitted to be placed over emergency escape and rescue openings, provided the minimum net clear opening area is a minimum 20" in width and a total of 5 sq. ft. Such covers shall be releasable or removable from the inside without the use of a key, tool, special knowledge or force greater than that which is required for normal operation of the escape and rescue opening.

When installing an emergency escape window under a deck a minimum height of 36" is required for the path leading to a yard or court.