Zoning Permits

The city requires a Zoning Permit for new or expanded driveways and fences, temporary structures, chicken coops, and decks that are not attached to a building and which are less than 30 inches above adjacent grade. The purpose of the permit review process is to ensure compliance with the city's zoning regulations in terms of impervious surface coverage and setbacks.

Zoning permits are reviewed and issued by the City Planner. Zoning Permits for temporary tents, canopies, and other membrane structures are also subject to the State Fire Code and must be reviewed and approved by the Fire Marshal. Please expect 3-5 business days for Zoning Permit turn around.


Contractors that are not licensed with the State (Department of Industry & Labor) are required to have a City Contractors License (PDF)before doing work in the city. Contractor's licenses must be renewed annually. Separate city licenses are required for HVAC (mechanical) work, sign installation and commercial building and remodeling.

Zoning Permits Required

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