Energy Resilience and Sustainability

Energy Resilience Advisory Board

In August 2014, the Joint Development Authority (JDA) appointed an Energy Resilience Advisory Board (ERAB) for the redevelopment of the TCAAP property. The role of the ERAB was to assist staff and consultants in the development of an Energy Integration and Resiliency Framework (PDF) (EIRF) and Policy White Paper (PDF) for TCAAP. Over 8 months the EARB worked to establish a foundation for cost effective, energy efficient alternatives and opportunities for TCAAP over the next 50 years.

In April 2015, the Joint Development Authority adopted the Energy Integration Resiliency Framework (EIRF) and authorized staff to move forward with the implementation steps identified by the EIRF including:

  • Negotiate with the General Services Administration for conveyance of the excess portion of the former Primer Tracer Area (PTA) for use as a Solar PV site;
  • Secure a demolition/remediation contract to prepare the PTA for Solar PV installation;
  • Prepare an RFP and solicit proposals for construction and operation of Solar PV; and
  • Continue to work with the Army to secure long term rights to utilize heat from the ground water treatment system and install a heat exchanger/pumping station within the ground water filtration building for operation of a low-temperature district energy system.