Joint Development Authority

In November 2012, the City Council approved a Joint Powers Agreement (PDF) (JPA) with Ramsey County which establishes a partnership between the City of Arden Hills and Ramsey County with the goal of the remediation and productive reuse of the 427-acre Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP) site. Key points of the JPA are as follows:

  • The County will purchase the site from the U.S. Government and will work with Bolander and Sons to remediate the site to a residential standard including the demolition of remaining buildings. The County will recover its costs for acquisition and remediation from land sale proceeds.
  • The City will prepare an AUAR and Master Plan. The Master Plan will be approved by both the City and the County and will be implemented by the Joint Development Authority (JDA) which is a governing entity created by the JPA. The City will recover its costs for the AUAR and Master Plan through development fees.
  • The County is responsible for the construction of a main roadway connecting Highway 96 and County Road H. The City is responsible for construction of trunk utilities. The City and County will cooperate on construction of any necessary regional stormwater ponding. The City will be reimbursed for its infrastructure expenditures through special assessments to developers and/or property owners.
  • JDA members include two County Commissioners, two City Councilmembers, and an additional non-elected City appointee as Chair. Regular JDA meetings are held every other month (2023 - April, June, August, October and December), and the agendas are posted on the City's website.